Activities to enjoy

Barra da Tijuca Beach

The beach of Barra da Tijuca is 18 km long, white sand, crystal clear sea and structure for outdoor sports such as surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing and also attracts lovers of sport fishing.

Just 5 minutes walk from the Oceanic Windsor

Shopping Tour

The region is home to the largest and best shopping malls in the city. The Barra Shopping, with more than 700 stores, is considered one of the largest in South America. On the margins of the Barra da Tijuca lagoon is the Village Mall, ideal for those looking for luxury, sophistication and gastronomy. The mall has stores of famous brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Prada, Emporio Armani and Carolina Herrera.

Casa do Pontal Museum

A very visited museum in Barra is the Casa do Pontal, with a collection of more than five thousand works, the museum is considered the most important dedicated to folk art in Brazil.

Just 18 minutes drive from the oceanic Windsor.

Casa Tua Cucina

Casa Tua offers the best of Italian cuisine in two different gastronomic experiences in one place, translated into simple and uncomplicated recipes in a warm and relaxed atmosphere located in the heart of Barra.

Carnival Experience

The Carnival Experience presents the universe of samba schools in Rio de Janeiro, showing the backstage of the creation of the show and the history of the birth of samba and the carnival of Rio. Rio Carnival is one of the city’s biggest events that attract people from all corners of Brazil and the world to experience this passion.

Just a 4-minute drive from the oceanic Windsor.

Maracanã Tour

Those who come to the Maracanã stadium can find one of the changing rooms, decorated with shirts of the clubs competing in the Brazilian Championship of the Série A, heating room of players and press conference. In the locker room, a video with historical football plays serves as a warm-up to the highest point of the route: the entrance to the grass. Upon reaching the edge of the sacred stage, participants will even be able to sit on one of the reserve benches.