Welcome to PANLAR 2023

Dear colleagues rheumatologists,
Dear guests and friends
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my great honor to invite you to the 25th Pan American Congress of Rheumatology (PANLAR 2023), which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from April 26th-29th 2023.

There´s a Brazilian traditional carnival march that goes “Cidade maravilhosa, cheia de encantos mil, cidade maravilhosa, coração do meu Brasil…” (Wonderful city, filled with a thousand charms, Wonderful City, the heart of my Brazil…). It´s the Brazilian way of repeatedly honoring the beauty of Rio de Janeiro, the city where the first Pan American Congress of Rheumatology was held in August 1955.

Since that pionneer meeting, almost 70 years ago, the PANLAR Congress has grown exponentially and has established itself as one of the main world rheumatology scientific events.

Today, PANLAR is a unique congress in its design, carefully planned to foster an environment in which basic science, research and clinical practice can be widely and deeply discussed while considering the very diverse realities of the different countrieso of the Americas.

We are many countries, of cultural and ethnic variety, with diverse scientific and assistance realities, with different languages- English, Spanish, Portuguese. But we have a commom bond: the love for our specialty, Rheumatology, and the motivation to make it increasingly known and improve our patients´access to early diagnosis and the best therapeutic options available.

PANLAR 2023 is being prepared with great care and attention. PANLAR Scientific Committee and PANLAR Science and Education Committee are designing an exceptional, innovative and challenging scientific program that follows the tradition of the great events that preceded us, but with many innovation additions.

In this spirit, we are waiting for all of you in our Wonderful City, to experience together an unforgettable PANLAR Congress.

It will be my great honor and privilege to welcome you all to Rio de Janeiro!

Sincerely yours,

Licia Mota
President of PANLAR 2023 Congress