PANLAR 2020 is now Virtual!

Due to the current health situation, PANLAR 2020 Organizing Committee has decided to turn the 22nd Pan American Congress of Rheumatology into a virtual congress based on the principles of quality, accessibility, safety and innovation.

Virtual sessions will allow live interaction and will offer a new experience to all registered participants.  The virtual meeting will take place from 17 to 20 September 2020

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Dear friends in rheumatology,

We are living difficult times. To each one of us, the COVID19 pandemic has affected us in such a way that all our projects, our promises, our commitments for the year 2020 have changed. We all have had to adapt to this “new normality” to try to continue with our life, our activity and our mission. The situation is no different for organizations. PANLAR is adapting to this new situation, trying to continue with its mission and vision. Medical education in Rheumatology is central to the mission and vision of PANLAR, and for this reason we are not only continuing, but expanding and deepening our Medical education offers.



Keynote speakers of the worldwide will provide knowledge about their areas of expertise …


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